First Time Home Buyers TAKE NOTE: Ability to pay a mortgage is at a record high while the affordability (ability for buyers to afford) is getting worse. What this means is that the underlying economy in DFW is stable and there is not a BUBBLE waiting to dash all your dreams. So here is the take away: STOP PUTTING OFF your home purchase planning; notice I didn't say buying. Did you know that the anticipated interest rate increase, coupled with consistent home price increases will absolutely errode your buying power. Every month you wait, could mean you can only afford less home. Here is the solution...Plan with a Professional now. That includes a comprehensive analysis that identifies your financial capacity and financial comfort zone within that capacity. Then shows you the intersection of your financial comfort zone dream home and North Texas market realities. Here is the magic of knowing your reality. An experienced professional will be able to show you that you really can afford to buy a home. There are many avenues to get the job done while maximizing your initial equity and minimizing your total cash out of pocket and stress. Contact me for additional details about planning. POST UP if you disagree or agree. 

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